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Mr. Richard Craven

Richard Craven is the Chief Revenue Officer at Stan Miller Law Group—an estate planning law firm with offices in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Richard is passionate about the impact that well-thought-out estate planning can have on all families and the protection it can provide for generations.  He works towards connecting Stan Miller Law Group attorneys with institutions, advisors and families across the United States that are struggling to find legacy and estate planning solutions.   His goal will always be to create raving fans from the world-class experience that Stan Miller Law Group offers its clients.

Richard has a thorough financial services career.  He has had the privilege and trust of clients working with fortune 500 and private companies across the Southeast.  He has worked in the roles of banker, financial advisor, and marketing director where he has faithfully executed their strategic visions and revenue goals.  He has been a keynote speaker across the country at international, regional, and local conferences, and has sat on numerous professional, trade and charitable boards.   Richard has a beautiful family of a wife and three talented, creative and unique daughters, which he attributes as his “greatest accomplishments.”