In October of 2020, it was decided by the partners that to fully service the clients during the tumultuous impact of COVID-19 on the Wilson + Miller, PLLC entity that the partners would reorganize and go their separate ways with no malice and well wishes to each in their separate endeavors.  As such, with great excitement of both partners, two separate entities were formed:  Stan Miller Law Group (Stan Miller, JD.) and Wilson Estate Planning Group (Jennifer Wilson-Harvey, JD).  All parties wish the other the best of luck in their endeavors and hope for continued success with these new and separate entities.

We will be migrating our Facebook page from The Wilson Estate Planning Group to Stan Miller Law Group. Please feel free to comment, leave a review and reach out to us so that we may continue to serve you and your families.  We thank you for your decades of loyalty and can’t wait to serve you and your loved ones in the years ahead.  Please consider us “your lawyers for life.”


Stan Miller, JD

Managing Partner