The Community We Serve

We work primarily with individuals and their families in the Little Rock Arkansas and surrounding areas to implement estate plans that surpass our clients’ expectations. We understand that every person and family is unique, and therefore every estate plan must be personalized to meet the family’s needs.

The Miller Law Firm understands the importance in drafting precise and well-thought-out legal drafts to be filed with the courts. We have seen firsthand the issues that could arise from ill-prepared legal drafts in haste.

Our law firm has decades of legal experience, specializing in estate and trust litigation, estate planning, probate and estate administration, elder abuse protection, and other matters connected with estate planning and elder law.

We excel at finding creative solutions to a complex situation for individuals and families through-out Little Rock and surrounding areas of Arkansas.

What The Red + Means

The red + in our logo, in very simple terms means “in addition to”, but it also has a much deeper meaning in regards to “added value.” Estate planning means nothing without the added value of our client’s input.

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