Individual & Family Estate Planning

The Miller law Firm has implemented a three-step process in regards to estate planning for our clients.

  • First, building a strong foundation with the client.
  • Second, conduct a risk assessment and draft a well-thought-out estate plan.
  • Third, make any necessary adjustments to safe-guard personal assets for the families.

Our clients often believe they are not well suited for the unexpected. We help to ensure that our clients avoid:

  • Probate court
  • Estate and capital gains taxes
  • The cost of nursing home care
  • Divorce and lawsuits
  • Losing assets if a spouse remarries
  • Hard-earned assets being wasted by immature heirs

Individual & Family Solutions

The Stan Miller Law Group has unparallel experience and legal estate planning knowledge to assist our clients and their families with legal questions. When it comes to estate planning, a personal representative of the estate, also known as the executor of the estate, usually has the right and responsibility to collect the assets of the probate estate and assume control of the decedent’s property. Our solutions include:

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